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    HDT Singapore Holding Pte Ltd is the exclusive agent of BYD Singapore.

    Here at HDT, We pride ourselves as the largest provider of all-electric vehicles with exceptional quality and performance.

    History of HDT Singapore Holding Pte Ltd

    HDT Singapore Holding Pte Ltd (formerly known as Shenzhen Hong Da Tong Industrial Co. Ltd) was first established in September 1996 in Shenzhen. The company covered main businesses in real estate development, property management, car sales, car rental, goods and technology import and export.

    Shenzhen Hong Da Tong Industrial Co. Ltd was previously one of the largest real estates partners of BYD CO. Ltd (aka Build Your Dreams Co. Ltd), playing a part in constructing BYDs former village (first and second phase), wherein the first phase consisted of an 81 square meters of building area, and second phase with a building area of 690000 square meters.


    深圳市星翼創想網絡科技有限公司為你提供專業的深圳網站建設 、 微網站定制、 微商城定制、 辦公系統定制開發、 企業郵局和400電話等互聯網服務,詳情請咨詢0755-82685986!



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