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    祝賀酷族科技旗下外貿網站建設項目完成并正式上線責任編輯 :李飛    文章來源 :星翼創想(www.win694.com)    發布時間 :2014-07-16    閱讀次數:3555

    YongChangXing Plastic﹠Hardware Electronics Co.Ltd is a large-scale professional processing enterprise with abundant experience in this line, integrated with molding manufacturing, plastic injection molding, paint spraying, movable printing, silk screen, UV, gold printing and plastic water plating. The factory has both import and export rights. It is situated in the ZhongFang Industrial Park, Shatou South 1 Area, Chang an, DongGuan City, Guangdong, China, which has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.



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